Q1 is done, now gear up for Q2

July 1, 2020

The first quarter of the 31 March 2021 financial year is done.  For many it will be a quarter they want to forget, although for others it has been surprisingly robust.  Whether your quarter ended in negative or positive territory now is the time to prepare for Q2. Do you… Read More

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Implementation Lessons

June 25, 2020

NZ’s team of five million smashed lock down.  We had great leadership, were disciplined, and followed the agreed rules.   We virtually eliminated COVID-19 and after emerging from lock down had 24 consecutive days without any Covid-19 cases. NZ was world champion. Then we dropped the ball. Last week it became… Read More

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Customer Service – a competitive (dis)advantage?

June 17, 2020

Do you agree that customer service is dropping to an all-time low since COVID-19?  Some recent examples include: Bank A simple investment restructure moving secured debt from one company to another – no response after three weeks from the bank concerned, who shall remain nameless. The broker explained the delay… Read More

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What SMEs can learn from The Warehouse

June 10, 2020

This week The Warehouse announced it would shut nine stores, cull 1000 or more staff (around 10% of its workforce), transition to an agile business model, and more tightly embrace e-commence.  A tough call to future proof the business. Interestingly, the Prime Minster was “angry” that The Warehouse had received… Read More

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Business Recovery in Action

June 3, 2020

Are Business Continuity, Business Recovery, and Business Planning the same thing? Business Planning Q2 helps clients develop business plans and hold them accountable for successful implementation.  Typically, the business plan looks ahead 5 years, then specifically at the next 12 months. 90 day goals and milestones, with related actions and… Read More

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Leadership in Politics & Business

May 27, 2020

Last Friday Todd Muller ousted Simon Bridges as leader of the National Party with 4 months to run until the 2020 September election. On 1st August 2017 Jacinda Ardern replaced Andrew Little to became leader of the Labour Party, and in October 2017 she became NZ’s youngest prime minister in… Read More

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