Free business information to download... topics include family trusts, understanding your financial reports, getting paid, improving business results, and increasing cashflow.

Do I need a family trust?

If you own or run a business, or have accumulated wealth then a family trust may help protect you and your loved ones! 

But a family trust is not for everyone.

Existing and new trusts must comply with the Trusts Act 2019 from 30 January 2021, and trustees must understand their  duties and responsibilities.  

Download Q2’s “Guide to Trusts” to find out more about family trusts.

What do my Financial Reports mean?

Your financial reports tell the story of your business and allow you to interpret the results of your business activity.

Knowing your numbers enables you to spot early warning signs of potential issues, and also find opportunities to improve profitability and cashflow. 

Download Q2’s “Guide to Your Financial Reports” to learn how to understand your numbers.

How do I get paid?

It’s important that your business gets paid for the goods and services provided. Our business guide to getting paid is designed to support you when dealing with accounts receivable and debtor management so that you can improve your processes and make your business more sustainable. 

If you missed our “Getting Paid” webinar you can watch it now – go to Webinars under the Resources tab of this website.

Download Q2’s “Getting Paid” Business Guide and learn how to improve your ability to get paid. 

How do I get the business results I want?

Getting the business results you want starts with knowing what you want to achieve. 

Many business owners are unclear on their purpose and vision.

They don’t understand the difference between strategy and tactics, and often have no written goals.

Yet they are disappointed when their business doesn’t deliver a desirable lifestyle!

Download Q2’s One Page Business Planning Guide and learn how to clarify what you want and then create a sustainable plan to make it happen.

How do I improve business cashflow?

Inadequate cashflow, rather than poor profitability, is the most common reason that businesses fail.

Understanding the cash conversion cycle of the business and the seven causes of poor cashflow helps business owners identify ways to improve their business processes that impact cashflow.

Download Q2’s Cashflow Improvement Guide to find out more.

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