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Where there is Crisis, there is Opportunity!

August 2022

The bad news just seems to keep on coming - rising interest rates, falling property values, falling Kiwisaver balances, Russia invading Ukraine, COVID variants, supply chain delays and increased freight charges, daily ram raids... But where there is crisis there is also opportunity. This webinar explains how to avoid derailing your business and how to thrive in today’s economy and avoid financial anxiety.

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Planning for Growth

March 2021

To improve business profitability, cashflow, and value there are seven different business strategies.  The seven strategies work for all businesses, both large and small.  This webinar explains the seven strategies and demonstrates how seemingly small changes can massively improve your business.

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Demystifying Family Trusts

October 2020

If you own or run a business, or have accumulated wealth then a family trust may help protect you and your loved ones. This webinar explains the advantages of a trust, trustee duties and responsibilities, as well as the new rules that apply from 30 January 2021 under the Trusts Act 2019.

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Know Your Numbers

September 2020

Your financial reports tell the story of your business and allow you to interpret the results of your business activity. This webinar explains the 7 key financial reports and what they tell you about your business, the difference between profit and cash, key drivers of business value, and how to protect your assets. Understanding your financial reports enables you to spot early warning signs of potential issues, and also find opportunities to improve profitability and cashflow.

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Getting Paid

August 2020

To survive your business must get paid for goods and services provided. This webinar shares three important mindsets to ensure you get paid, best practice debt management processes, the 7 causes of poor cashflow, how to get runs on the board quickly and much more.

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Embracing the New “Business as Usual”

July 2020

NZ businesses are in the rebuilding phase. Learn four different mindsets that help implement change, the fundamentals of rebuilding your business, and the detailed process to ensure you leave no stone unturned.

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COVID-19 Government Support for SMEs

April 2020

For your SME to survive, get up to date information on New Zealand’s Covid-19 support programmes, including the Employer Wage Subsidy Scheme, Mortgage Holiday Scheme, Business Finance Guarantee Scheme and more.

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