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Q2 Accountants and Business Strategists don’t just do accounting. We help you understand your financials to make better business decisions so you can achieve your business goals.

At Q2, we provide the accounting, coaching and advisory services along with personalised attention that you won’t get from a big firm. If you want your business to grow profitably and become more valuable, you must get the basics right. You’ll need experienced business advisors, so you understand your numbers, and to help you plan for practical business improvements or growth.

If you’re at a stage where you’d like to understand your financials better, and learn how to improve your business, Q2 can help.

Q2 can help you at any stage of business

Start up

I want to start a business

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I want to grow my business

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It's good, but how can I improve my business and build passive income?

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I need some help!

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Next Stage Ready

I'm ready to slow down or sell

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Accounting & Tax

Tax is often complex – and getting it wrong can be costly. Income tax is one of the largest expenses for NZ businesses, swallowing around 28%-33% of your hard-earned profit. Q2 take the hard work out of accounting and tax.

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Financial Intelligence

Understanding your numbers, both historical and future, is critically important. Q2 can help you get a good grasp of your financial position and profitability, and what drives them, so you can make better business decisions and improve results.

Business Improvement

Want to improve profitability but don’t know where to start? Want to earn more and work less? Want less stress and more life? Want to have a valuable business? The talk to Q2 about business improvement!

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What does Q2 mean?

Q2 stands for Quadrant 2 as explained in Stephen Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

These are the “important but not urgent” tasks that will drive your medium to long term results.

Quadrant 2 is working “on” the business (and yourself) beginning with the end in mind, knowing what you want from your business, and then planning how you will get there. Focusing on Q2 tasks will help you create the future you want. Read more about the Q2 concept here…

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Why choose Q2?


Q2 go beyond accounting
and tax


Q2 provide tailored service
plans to meet your budget.


Q2 are proactive and


Q2 clients are never
just a number

Q2 provides ongoing insights into how to run my business better. Ann helps me set goals and make me be accountable to them. My business has just grown and grown.
Amy Burr – Active Plus Physiotherapy
When you’re the director or owner, you need someone looking down checking you on different things. With Ann as a business coach, I have to be accountable to her. She’s great, and so are the rest of the team. They’re all very helpful
Paula Brill – All About Promo
I like the way she works with clients. She’s not just about the numbers – she’s very proactive about getting the best we can out of our business.
Leanne Freeman – Sign FX
They have a very honest, straightforward approach to thinking. There are no surprises, no shortcuts. Everything is always above board.
Chris Callen – Tubman Heating

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