At Q2, we don’t just give businesses a helping hand. We empower them.

Q2’s business intelligence workshops give business owners the edge they need to succeed.

Quick Start for Business Success

Location:Q2 HQ, 2A Pacific Rise, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

Getting started in business can be daunting – there much to organise, and mistakes to avoid!   If you are relatively new to business then this 2 hour interactive workshop is definitely for you.  Limited to just 10 participants, so contact us now!

The Quick Start for Business Success workshop covers:

You need more than a good idea!

Goods ideas are a dime a dozen.  Find out what else you need to make your business fly.

Registering your business correctly

There is more to it than deciding on a name, printing cool business cards, opening a bank account and getting an IRD number.  Attend to find out what else you need to consider.

Setting up your systems

Spreadsheets or DIY Xero?  They are (maybe?) a start, but good systems go well beyond…

Understanding business taxes

You need to plan for tax from day one.  Many new businesses get caught out with two years of tax to pay…  and no money.  Make sure that is not you!

Identifying & reducing risks

Business involves risk – contracts to negotiate, legislation to comply with, the unexpected to plan for.  Knowing the risks helps you minimise the downside, stay out of jail, and sleep at night.


Ask during the workshop, ‘cos we usually have pretty damn good answers…


Registration for Q2 clients is $125 + GST and $250 + GST for non Q2 clients.
It could actually be FREE if you attend and then become a Q2 client, or if already a Q2 client you invest in additional services (we’ll credit the workshop fee when you sign up for new services).


The first Quick Start for Business Success workshop will be on Wednesday 14 April 2021 from 4-6pm, to be followed by nibbles and refreshments.

It will be informative and fun so register now!

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Map Your Company’s Direction with a One-Page Business Plan

Location:Q2 HQ, 2A Pacific Rise, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

No matter the size of your business, a strategic business plan is essential for maintaining your focus on what’s important and achieving your business goals.

What is a One-Page Business Plan?
A one-page business plan is one document that no business owner should be without. It’s a succinct “road map” that represents what your business is about and the direction you want to take. It includes your core values, your goals, and your strategy for achieving those goals.

Your One Page plan will summarise what you need to do to keep moving forward. It will also help ensure all key decision-makers are clear about your strategic objectives and how to achieve them.

That’s why Q2’s One-Page Business Plan workshop is the ultimate strategic planning session for business owners!

How Our Workshop Will Help You
This intensive business planning session will help you create a punchy, action-based plan with timelines and champions.

During the workshop, an experienced business advisor will help you prioritize your most important objectives to a single page. They will lead you through identifying your business purpose and vision, and the outcomes you want to achieve. The result is a powerful plan that will become a tool for maintaining both your short and medium-term focus.

Elements Of A One-Page Business Plan

  1. Purpose and Vision
  2. Values
  3. Key Performance Indicators
  4. High level budget and sales goals
  5. Target Market
  6. Value proposition
  7. Opportunities
  8. Vulnerabilities
  9. Most Critical Challenge
  10. Annual Goals
  11. 90 day Action Plan

What Will You Get?
Q2’s One-Page Business Plan workshop will help you to create a plan specific to your unique goals and values. The Q2 team will then work with you to execute the plan successfully.

A strategic plan helps you to make good decisions and keep you on track to achieve long-term goals. It ensures that you’re operating in alignment with your company’s purpose, vision and values.

Your One Page plan can be shared with your team and updated every 90 days. This motivates you to stay on track and improve your business results.

When Will It Happen?
This 4-hour session will be scheduled for a time that suits you at the Q2 HQ situated at 2A Pacific Rise, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

Q2 “One Page” business planning workshops are registered on the Regional Business Partner Network and eligible businesses may qualify for a voucher of up to 50% of the course cost.

Find out more about Q2’s One Page Business Planning workshop by clicking here!

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Q2 Financial Intelligence (FQ) Coaching

Running a business without understanding your numbers is like driving a car without a steering wheel. There’s a direct correlation between financial literacy and business success.

What Is Financial Intelligence?

Understanding your finances is essential to understanding the ‘health’ of your business. Your level of financial literacy not only affects your numbers, but the speed and success of your growth plans and your relationship with financial lenders.

As a small business owner, your ability to calculate price points and project revenues is greatly helped when you can make sense of your budget, accounting and taxes. This will in turn affect your cash flow, budget projections, profit and loss.

But sometimes, financial reports can seem like they’re written in a foreign language.

How Our Workshop Will Help You
Q2 Financial Intelligence (FQ) Coaching is a face-to-face programme to help you understand the financial drivers in your business: how you make money, how you spend it and how you can invest it to improve your overall financial position.

Over 3 half-day coaching sessions, you will:

  • Learn key accounting concepts, financial KPIs and the drivers of your profitability and cashflow
  • Learn how to read your financial results and calculate your cash conversion cycle
  • Improve reporting accuracy
  • Use clearer and more useful report formats to aid decision making
  • Make informed decisions by understanding the financial implications
  • Manage and monitor cashflow effectively, including debtors and creditors
  • Better understand other information you need to capture monthly
  • Save time on admin tasks that can be automated or delegated.

What You Will Get
By the completion of the programme, you’ll be able to produce and interpret your own customised financial reports each month. You’ll learn how to read your financial results and accurately calculate your cash conversion cycle. You’ll also learn how to better manage your cash flow and to use clearer formats to capture your financial information.

Q2 also help out with any queries you might have by providing ongoing phone and email support between sessions.

When Will It Happen?
Bi-weekly Group Coaching Sessions:  The group coaching sessions have between 2 and 10 participants and are scheduled 2 weeks apart.  Contact Q2 for the next group coaching dates.

Financial Intelligence Coaching for your business only will be scheduled to suit your requirements.  This option is designed for the company directors and possibly the senior management team to attend.

Q2 Financial Intelligence (FQ) Coaching is registered on the Regional Business Partner Network and eligible businesses may qualify for a voucher of up to 50% of the course cost.

Ready to take control of your financial situation? Call Q2 today to find out more about their Q2 Financial Intelligence (FQ) Coaching workshops and start the journey to financial success! 

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Shared Values Development Workshop

Creating and implementing shared values is key to the success of your business.

What Are Shared Values?

Shared values are the underlying principles for your business’ purpose. They provide a kind of ethical compass for the decisions and actions your business takes. They also set a framework for working relationships at both management and operational levels.

A recent survey by Deloitte showed that 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. This workplace culture is created by shared values. The same research also found a strong correlation between employees who say they feel happy and valued at work and those who say their company has a strong culture.


How We Will Help You

Q2’s Shared Values Development Workshop will help you to identify the values necessary to achieve your company’s vision.

First, we ask you to complete a prework to get everyone thinking about what’s important to your business.

We will then help your team in brainstorming:

  • How values are determined by our fundamental beliefs
  • The values that are most important to your business
  • Your overall vision for the business
  • Your business’ shared values and their definitions
  • How to implement your shared values and promote team member buy-in.


What You Will Get

Upon completing the workshop, you will have a set of up to five shared values with definitions. You will also have a powerful commitment statement to ensure your team are prepared to live by these new shared values.

The workshop will help align these values among your team in a way that improves engagement and decision-making.

Over the following six months, you can expect to see team morale improve. Your shared values will help to provide a framework for effective communication and relationships, and a more enjoyable working environment for all. This will be instrumental in driving your business towards achieving your vision.


When Will It Happen?

The shared values workshop is a half-day session, with business owners/directors and/or the senior management team attending, or even all staff for maximum impact.

The workshop can be held at either Q2 HQ or your business premises and scheduled to suit your calendar.

Q2’s Shared Values Development workshops are registered on the Regional Business Partner Network and eligible businesses may qualify for a voucher of up to 50% of the workshop cost.

Ready to build a winning business culture? Call Q2 today to find out more about their Shared Values Development workshops!

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Organisation Review Workshop

Feeling overwhelmed, spread too thin, too much to do? Staff unsure what they are meant to be doing, how their performance is measured, or who to go to when they need direction?

These are all signs that your business needs an organisational review to clearly define roles and responsibilities within your organisation.

What is An Organisational Review?

Your company’s organisational structure is a ‘road map’ of its many different paths of responsibilities and communication. In fact, communication is the biggest factor in any organisation. As a business owner, you need to think about who is responsible for what and how you want employees to communicate, and then create a structure that reinforces this.

Reviewing your organisational structure on a regular basis will help your business grow and evolve effectively. An Organisational Review helps to define who should be doing what to improve efficiency and give you more time to concentrate on your key activities.

Most importantly, a clear Organisation Chart helps to visually define departments, functions, roles and responsibilities. This is vital for improving operational performance.

How Our Workshop Will Help You

Q2 will help you construct an Organisation Chart that clarifies the key functions within your business and those responsible for them.  This involves examining the recruitment of staff, the development of employees’ skills and management of individual performance.

During the review, we will discuss the elements of creating, implementing and modifying an Organisation Chart. Using the Q2 Organisation Chart template, we will guide you through the steps of developing your first draft.

Over the following weeks, you will then submit your final draft for us to review, and we’ll discuss our recommendations to finalise your organisational structure.

What You Will Get

Upon completing the Q2 Organisational Review, you will be better able to:

  • Understand the key functions within your business and who should be responsible for them
  • Clearly define the internal structure of your business
  • Determine ideal roles for the business as opposed to fitting roles to the people in your team
  • Increase team engagement and satisfaction by clarifying expectations
  • Allocate more time for revenue-generating activities

Q2 will act as a sounding board for you to discuss your ideas. You will also gain access to our collective wisdom, our systems, products and services.

When Will It Happen?

As soon as possible! If your organisation currently lacks clear job roles and position responsibilities, or if you are planning to expand, an Organisational Review is essential. It will help ensure people and processes work together seamlessly, supporting your framework for a sustainable, scalable, and saleable organisation.

The Organisational Review process will take a full day; however, we can meet with you over two half-day sessions if you’d prefer.

Q2’s organisational review is registered on the Regional Business Partner Network and eligible businesses may qualify for a voucher of up to 50% of the workshop cost.

Ready to take your business to the next level of performance? Call Q2 today to find out more about their Organisational Review workshops and leverage your business success! 

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Xero Training Workshops

Knowing how to use Xero can save you lots of time and money. Xero is deceptively simple – you can learn the fundamentals quite quickly and get started. But Xero is also packed with time saving features that will improve your productivity enormously… if you know about them!

It’s not just about how to use Xero correctly, it is also about updating your office processes and routines to improve internal productivity. Xero is designed to be “paperless’ so learn how to use this functionality to eliminate inefficient paper files, hard copy filing, and other inefficient work practices.

Want Q2 to show you how to:

  • pay employees accurately and meet IRD payday requirements effortlessly?
  • automate the scanning and coding of bills?
  • pay creditors quickly in one simple batch each month?
  • chase debtors in the nicest possible way so you get paid… automatically?
  • prepare your GST returns accurately and in only a couple of minutes?
  • save money on the Xero retail subscription price?
  • spend less time on bookkeeping?

Q2 are Xero partners and certified Xero experts.  Talk to Q2 about Xero training – whether you need just an hour, a couple of hours or more. It’s affordable and the improvement in your productivity and stress levels will be immediate.

Contact Q2 now to have a chat.

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