Are organisational charts last century? – By Ann Cooper-Smith

September 11, 2018

Recently Spark announced a complete restructure of their business by transitioning to an “Agile” way of working.  The Agile method creates small units whose team members come from a variety of traditional business functional areas to work together on projects. For example, each project team would have someone from operations, marketing, sales, finance, IT etc.   Each team has projects that they work on together, often with tight and finite time frames for delivery.  This is a bold initative aimed at speeding up a large business, making it structurally less hierarchical and more dynamic. Really, Spark are trying to operate more like a small business! Read More

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Plan Your Week to be Effective – By Ann Cooper-Smith

August 20, 2018

We understand the importance of planning – planning our business, planning our week, planning our day.  Best practice for planning the week ahead is Sunday evening – but Friday afternoon, or Monday early morning (before you get hijacked!) also work for some. Your weekly plan should consider personal commitments as well as your “One Page” business plan and 90 day goals – what actions you will take this week to get closer to your goals? Read More

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Xero Certified

August 15, 2018

We are delighted to announce that our two newest Q2 Client Advisers, Mindy Li and Abhishek Chatley are now Xero certified. This means that by sharing your Xero account with Mindy and Abhishek, they can collaborate with you on your numbers in real time and give expert advice. Xero is… Read More

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