Quadrant 2 – the important but not urgent

One of the most impactful books I have ever read was “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, originally published by Stephen Covey on 15 August 1989.

In 2017 when my accountancy business restructured I wanted a brand that was meaningful and that reflected my personal philosophy.  The name “Q2” immediately sprang to mind. Q2 is short for Quadrant 2 – read about what Quadrant 2 means here.

Accountants are traditionally “history writers” and reactive, recording past transactions and events.  But to make a positive difference, accountants need to be proactive by helping business owners create history, not simply recording it after the fact.

“Q2” reflects what I believe an accounting firm should be – proactive, working on the important but not urgent tasks, helping people make a positive difference in the world and live the life they deserve.  To be the best they can be.

Owning a successful business is one of the most worthwhile endeavours anyone can embark on, because:

  • A business creates growth opportunities (for the owner, staff, and others)
  • A business can add value to customers, suppliers, the community, and other stakeholders
  • A business creates a ripple effect, positively impacting lives
  • A business gives the owner control over their destiny, financial and otherwise.

However, being a business owner can be stressful, challenging, and daunting.  It’s hard work.

During difficult times, such as the Covid-19 lockdowns and the related business uncertainties, many wished it were easier, wished things were different, and blamed others.  But instead of wishing and blaming, we need to be better!

Being a business owner is an opportunity to make a real difference to the world.  It’s your business and life.  Take full responsibility and proactively design it.

As your annual 2021 business results are finalised, don’t wish they were better – instead accept the challenge to run a better business.  Create your own history for 2022 and beyond by focussing on Quadrant 2 – the important but not urgent tasks. Contact Q2 if you need assistance.

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