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A E Burr Physiotherapy Ltd

Amy Burr

Amy Burr joined Ann’s former business StreetSmart in 2013. She was dissatisfied with her accountant at the time and contacted Ann following a recommendation from her insurance broker.

Ann arranged to meet for a one-on-one discussion. Right from the start, Amy was impressed with Ann’s hands-on approach to understanding her business.

“That was quite different from the accountant I’d had before, who would only contact you when stuff needed to be done,” Amy says.

Over the past few years, she has continued to meet with Ann every three months for business coaching. Not only has Ann helped her to ‘tighten up’ the accounting side of her business, but she provides ongoing insights into how to run her business better. “She helps me set goals and make me be accountable to them. My business has just grown and grown.”

She has since transferred all personal accounting to her as well, and continues to learn more about growing wealth.

Amy says everything about the Q2 office is super professional, right from being welcomed at reception to discussing financial reports. Each team member is always up-to-date with her needs and can answer any questions. Q2 send her work to complete before each coaching session so that she can tackle the most important issues first. “There’s no question that’s too dumb to ask. They’re always happy for you to email them a query. That approachability is really good.”

“Ann is very proactive, very ahead of the game. She’s totally transformed the way I do business!”

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Tubman Heating

Chris Callen

Chris Callen had been working offshore with in various corporate roles when he decided to buy Tubman Heating six and a half years ago. Ann was instrumental in helping Chris and his wife purchase their new business. She provided advice on their budgeting and other financial projections. Chris said this helped them to win financial aid from the bank.

Although the Callens already had their own internal accountant at the time, Chris said using Ann as an external accountant was a no-brainer. With two shareholders in his new business, it made sense to keep things independent from a reporting point of view.

Ann and her team put together the annual accounts for the business, which Chris says is good for the shareholders and good for the bank. The bank likes to have the ‘external’ stamp.

As someone who has been in business ‘a long time’, Chris understands the importance of an external advisor. He says the Q2 team have been invaluable for managing their tax affairs.

“They have a very honest, straightforward approach to thinking. There are no surprises, no shortcuts. Everything is always above board.”

When Chris took over the business, they inherited some ‘pretty basic accounting systems’. Ann helped them make the shift to Xero, which they’ve been using ever since.

Q2 They put us on to xero fairly early because we inherited some pretty basic systems. Upgrade them since. Good platform. They understand it we understand it.

He’d recommend Q2 to anyone in business.

“They’re very knowledgeable and they have a good handle on our tax needs. They’re very good in terms of accuracy and responsiveness. Just an all-round good team.”

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All About Promo

Paula Brill

Paula first met Ann through StreetSmart, Ann’s first accounting firm.  She was first drawn to Ann’s business coaching services and still finds them invaluable. She has now been coached by Ann for the last three years and says the regular meetings are fantastic for keeping her accountable.  “I find it great to sit down with her and brainstorm new ideas. It’s great to have a mentor there to help me out. It can be lonely at the top!”

Ann helped her set up her business in the beginning, especially with planning budgets and other financial matters. She and Ann meet every 90 days for coaching sessions. Ann helps her to work out the top priorities and goals for the next 90 days, and how to go about achieving them.

Although an accountant herself, Paula needed an external advisor for the tax side of her business. Ann also helps with any other issues in her business, from basic housekeeping to staff matters. More recently, Ann has been instrumental in helping Paula prepare to launch a new brand.

“She’s helped me think through how to present it and how to keep it separate from my current brand.

“Ann comes from a different perspective, so she can play the devil’s advocate and question my decisions regarding certain matters. She’s there to ask me, ‘why would you want to do that?’ or ‘how is that going to work?’. She helps me to keep things clear in my head so I can move forward. It’s hard to do that with your own staff.

She says it’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day running of your own business.

“When you’re the director or owner, you need someone looking down checking you on different things. With Ann as a business coach, I have to be accountable to her. She’s great, and so are the rest of the team. They’re all very helpful.”

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Sign Fx

Leanne Freeman

Leanne is one of Ann’s longest running clients, having met her 15 years ago.

She was drawn to Ann’s ‘switched-on’ approach to business.  She finds Q2 very proactive with their systems and advice, particularly with sending out reminders about paying tax. This is crucial for any busy business owner.

“I like the way she works with clients. She’s not just about the numbers – she’s very proactive about getting the best we can out of our business.”

As well as her accounting services, Ann has helped Leanne create a succession plan. This was particularly helpful when one of Leanne’s staff members became a shareholder in the business. She also showed Leanne how set up the structure of her business to make it as profitable as possible and guided her through the ins and outs of setting up a trust.

Leanne and her colleague now meet with Ann regularly for coaching.

“We set tasks; we talk about how the business works. It’s all very well being a sign writer but to understand the financial side of a business is a very different skill you have to learn. You might have two hundred thousand in the bank account but be cash flow poor.”

She has thrived on Ann’s use of the Quadrant 2 philosophy in her coaching. Ann helped her discover her personality profile according to the Quadrants.

“That’s not something your average accountant would get you to do. She’s about more than just the numbers in a business.”

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