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Amy Burr

Before embarking on the Business Planning session, the biggest challenges that I faced with my previous business plans (that I created on my own), were that they had no clear vision (especially long term) and the actions points were not followed through with.

From the Business Planning session, I now have a 90-day action plan and a review of our management structure. I now have a clear vision with actionable steps that can be now be acted upon and executed. Ultimately I hope that sharing some of the business planning with my team will help me reduce stress and allow me to be less time poor – so that I can maintain a better work/life balance!

What I liked most about the session was the clear structure and the external (non-physio) facilitators that helped contribute ideas and provoke new thoughts. I would most definitely recommend a Business Planning session to anyone looking to gain clarity around where to direct your efforts for your business.

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