Getting Back on Track – Step 1

Most of us got a bit lost at some point over the past couple of Covid disrupted years. Working from home, zooming, face masking, elbow bumping, having our business model challenged, home schooling, vaccinations and boosters, RATs, isolating… the list goes on.

Some of us had “possum in the head lights” syndrome, crouched in the middle of the road, waiting…

With the opening of the border NZ is returning to “normal”, although supply chains remain choked and Russia and Ukraine are locked in lethal combat.

How do we get back on track – especially if we are not sure if the track is still there, or if we still want to head in that direction? The world has changed, and perhaps we have too!

Go back to your core values

Step one is re-evaluating your “pre-Covid” core values.  Are they still your true North?

When setting values we label and then define them.  Do your core values still resonate with the “post Covid” you? Core values are aspirational – are you living yours?

Leaning into your core values is one way to get back on track, even if your values lead to a new track/different destination to what you had originally planned. Be open to the adventure!

Which track?

Anecdotally, many people are now re-evaluating what they really want from life. Covid forced us to socialise less, stay home more, and change routines.

Many loved not commuting every day and their new normal may be a mix of remote working and working in the office. Or perhaps remote working from a different town or city, which is now possible for many.

More children are being home schooled. Job sharing is on the rise. Comfortable sneakers are on trend with booming sales. We appreciate our family and close friends more.

As inflation bites, interest rates rise, and climate change becomes more pressing many will think about adopting a simpler and more relaxed lifestyle.

Reassuring your team

You won’t be alone pondering the above – your team will be also.  As teams return to the work place they may also feel a bit anxious.  Retaining staff during a time of acute labour shortages by proactively and strategically easing your team into post Covid work make good business sense.

One way to do that is to hold a “Shared Values” workshop with Q2 Ltd.  Over half a day we’d take your team on the journey to rediscover and refine their shared values.  It’s a fun and affordable way to enhance company culture and construct a platform for post Covid high performance.

To find out more about Q2’s Shared Values workshops – click here.

Next week we’ll cover Step 2 to “getting back on track”. 

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