The Power of Video Marketing

October 28, 2020

I recently attended a presentation on video marketing, and how to make effective business videos using your smart phone. Michelle Sokolich of Show & Tell commented that in 2020 digital media (Social Media and You Tube etc) will overtake traditional media (such as TV and radio) by number of people… Read More

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Business Lessons from NZ’s 2020 Election

October 21, 2020

They are calling it a bloodbath – a tide of Labour red across the country.  National is licking its wounds and doing some serious thinking about what went so wrong, and why. One political comment was “that’s what happens to a party without purpose”. Indeed. No matter what your personal… Read More

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Work to live, don’t live to work

October 14, 2020

Covid has made 2020 a particularly long year!  And in the final quarter of the calendar year our energy and natural buoyancy usually wane.  We start to feel in real need of a long summer holiday break. A friend of mine introduced me to the “Be Good to Yourself” concept,… Read More

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Fresh Thinking

October 8, 2020

During the first Covid-19 lock down businesses were encouraged to “pivot”. The term “pivot” has become a buzzword referring to a significant business change – ranging from mild to dramatic. A pivot is usually intended to help a business recover from a tough period, or survive after experiencing new competition or other factors that make the… Read More

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Driving Blind?

October 1, 2020

Today is 1st October – the start to a new financial quarter.  For most NZ businesses with a 31 March balance date this marks the half-way point of the financial year. Last week we ran a “Know Your Numbers” webinar and if you missed it I recommend you watch it… Read More

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Time for a break?

September 24, 2020

Times are stressful.  We’ve never been through an uncertain time like this before. Business is tough for many, and crazy busy for the others. Overseas holidays, weddings, birthdays, and important celebrations have been postponed or cancelled. We can’t water the garden, nor hose down the car. Last Friday I missed… Read More

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