Reducing Administration Time & Cost – By Ann Cooper-Smith

January 25, 2019

For most small businesses, administration is a necessary evil, and can devour a significant portion of each business day.  It is non- revenue generating and costly, once the time spent on administration functions is quantified. Using technology effectively is one way to reduce administration time and cost. Payroll is an… Read More

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Are organisational charts last century? – By Ann Cooper-Smith

September 11, 2018

Recently Spark announced a complete restructure of their business by transitioning to an “Agile” way of working.  The Agile method creates small units whose team members come from a variety of traditional business functional areas to work together on projects. For example, each project team would have someone from operations, marketing, sales, finance, IT etc.   Each team has projects that they work on together, often with tight and finite time frames for delivery.  This is a bold initative aimed at speeding up a large business, making it structurally less hierarchical and more dynamic. Really, Spark are trying to operate more like a small business! Read More

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