Dealing with Delta

We knew it would come, it was just a question of when, where, and how.  Although it’s here now, we don’t know for how long or exactly how it got in.  But Delta’s here.  Now.

Unless you are an essential service or, like Q2 Ltd, can work from home, you won’t be working (much).  What Delta choices do you have?

  • Vaccinate, or not to vaccinate
  • Waste and squander your time
  • Use your time wisely and proactively.

Vaccinate, or not to vaccinate

Vaccinating is a choice and a responsibility.  My husband is immune suppressed and I’m in the vaccinate camp, even although I am needle phobic.  I had all my jabs as a kid and as an adult when I travelled to third world countries.  And I’ll have my first Covid vaccination this weekend.

Waste and squander this opportunity

It’s tempting to be “totally over it”.  Gripe about your loss of freedom and “rights”. Whine about masks and lock down.  Become a Netflix zombie.  Devour chips, chocolate, and chardonnay. Trawl social media.  Shop on-line for stuff you don’t need…

If that is you then please rethink your response to Delta.  Read on.

Use your time wisely and proactively

When busy we dream of the luxury of spare time – well here it is!

Some suggestions:

  • Tidy Up – start by reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo
  • Wise Up – read some excellent e-books on business, health, relationships etc
  • Plan Up – update your business and personal goals, tactics, strengths, opportunities etc
  • Tone Up – it’s a great time to exercise more – walk, jog, ride, do yoga, press ups, squats etc
  • Skill Up – practice that skill or task you want to master (if you can do so at home)
  • Swot Up – use the internet to research a hobby, interest, or learn new card games
  • Freshen Up –does your house / garden / garage need spring cleaning?
  • Love Up – strengthen relationships within your bubble, phone or Zoom those outside of it.

Use your calendar just as you do at work by blocking time for different tasks.  Calendarise specific times to read, exercise, spring clean, home school and play with the kids, relax, sleep. Create routines and rituals so you use this Delta time proactively.

“Using the Pause”

Back in September 2020 I wrote “Using the Pause” Using the Pause | Q2 Accountants & Business Strategists.

We can use “the pause” every day – it’s our chance to use Delta for good.

“Bad things happen, and sometimes a bad thing, later on down the line, turns out to not be bad at all, even though at the time you wouldn’t have known it.”

Kenneth Arthur, The Salt & Pepper Gang: a memoir

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