How Daily Jam Sessions Boost Work Productivity

August 19, 2019

Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of a task – or the many tasks – ahead of you? There are lots of ways to improve work productivity. But if you lack the time and resources to implement them, they aren’t going to help you much. That’s where workplace “jam sessions” are… Read More

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Digital Marketing and Your Business Seminar

June 24, 2019

Most businesses want more profit, and many equate more profit with acquiring new customers. New customers are important to every business, as there will inevitably be customer churn caused by factors outside your control.  Customer acquisition strategies are likely to include a mixture of brand recognition, referral systems, paid advertising,… Read More

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Sustainability, Q2 and You

May 6, 2019

Q2 Ltd recently joined the Sustainable Business Network (SBN).  Attending my first SBN breakfast last week was interesting, each member is encouraged to make a sustainability commitment pledge. Q2 joined the Sustainable Business Network to support the work they do, as well as learn more about how Q2 can… Read More

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Year End Accounting Checklist for Business Owners 

March 18, 2019

With 31 March fast approaching use Q2’s Year End Accounting Checklist to ensure the next financial year launches smoothly and your goals are achieved: Management & Leadership Strategic plan in writing for next 12 months? Organisational structure with reporting lines and accountabilities defined? Job descriptions and KPIs in place for… Read More

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How to Succeed in Business? 5 Strategies for SMEs

February 11, 2019

SMEs offer different products and services, but usually face similar challenges. Q2’s “how to succeed in business” strategies apply to all SMEs, regardless of size, industry, or life cycle stage. 1. A Business Plan Q2 encourage all businesses to have a “one page” business plan that covers purpose, vision, what… Read More

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Reducing Administration Time & Cost with Payroll Management

January 25, 2019

For most small businesses, administration is a necessary evil and can devour a significant portion of each business day.  It is non- revenue generating and costly, once the time spent on administration functions is quantified. Using technology effectively is one way to reduce administration time and cost. Payroll is an… Read More

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