10 Tips for Good Mental Health

October 22, 2019

Earlier in October was Mental Health Awareness week.   As business leaders it is our responsibility to maintain good mental health, both in ourselves and our teams. Ten good mental health tips include: Care for your body – eat good food, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Read More

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5 ways an accountant can help you to grow your business

September 17, 2019

As any small business owner knows, the right accountant is crucial for managing the financial side of your business. They’ll help set up your accounting and payroll systems, as well as sort out your annual accounting and tax. But that’s just the beginning!  A great accountant will also help you… Read More

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Why should you improve your financial intelligence?

September 4, 2019

Are you a busy business owner? Why should you improve your financial intelligence? Running a business without understanding your numbers is like driving a car without a steering wheel. As any business owner should know, there’s a direct correlation between financial literacy (what Q2 call financial intelligence) and business… Read More

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How To Sell A Business And Prepare Yourself For It

August 26, 2019

Deciding to sell your business can be both exciting and scary. You may be retiring, considering a new venture, or perhaps changing careers altogether. Some people start their business with a view to selling within five years, while others may not consider it until well after they’ve established the business… Read More

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How Daily Jam Sessions Boost Work Productivity

August 19, 2019

Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of a task – or the many tasks – ahead of you? There are lots of ways to improve work productivity. But if you lack the time and resources to implement them, they aren’t going to help you much. That’s where workplace “jam sessions” are… Read More

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Digital Marketing and Your Business Seminar

June 24, 2019

Most businesses want more profit, and many equate more profit with acquiring new customers. New customers are important to every business, as there will inevitably be customer churn caused by factors outside your control.  Customer acquisition strategies are likely to include a mixture of brand recognition, referral systems, paid advertising,… Read More

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