Sustainability, Q2 and You

Q2 Ltd recently joined the Sustainable Business Network (SBN).  Attending my first SBN breakfast last week was interesting, each member is encouraged to make a sustainability commitment pledge. Q2 joined the Sustainable Business Network to support the work they do, as well as learn more about how Q2 can make a difference.

Q2 are already “paperless”, we turn off our lights at night, and we recycle paper, plastic and glass.  Our purple Q2 pens were selected not just for looks but the fact that they have more ink in them, and therefore last longer, than other similar pens.

Clients receive festive cherries at Christmas rather than unhealthy treats or branded gifts that no one wants or uses.  We share our space with other businesses to optimise use of resources.

What more could we do? Some ideas include:

  • Selecting suppliers based on their sustainability commitment and practices – for example, what do our cleaners do with our waste after it leaves Q2HQ? What cleaning products do they use?
  • Investing ethically, including Kiwisaver
  • Commuting via public transport, ride-sharing, electric transport, or “human energy”
  • Avoiding goods unnecessarily packaged (plastic or otherwise)
  • Encouraging a “no waste” mindset
  • Organising a social family day with an environmental aspect – such as a beach clean-up / planting trees day for our next social event.

We already encourage clients to grow their businesses sustainably via strategic business plans and implementing them over successive 90-day cycles.

Sustainability awareness is reaching tipping point.  Businesses need to be aware that non-sustainable business practices may negatively impact on business reputation, lead enquiry and customer retention.

Conversely, sustainability practices could be a positive point of difference.

How can your business become more sustainable / environmentally friendly as well as more profitable and valuable?

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