How Daily Jam Sessions Boost Work Productivity

Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of a task – or the many tasks – ahead of you?

There are lots of ways to improve work productivity. But if you lack the time and resources to implement them, they aren’t going to help you much.

That’s where workplace “jam sessions” are so effective.

How To Boost Work Productivity with a Jam Session

In music, a jam session is when players get together to make music in a “freewheeling environment”, without worrying about pleasing a crowd.

In a business, a jam session is a scheduled block of time in which you (and your team) focus solely on your most important tasks of the day.  These sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes.

Jam sessions force you to put energy into your most important tasks. By having at least two jam sessions a week, you’ll ramp up productivity and streamline your focus.

  • Write down the most important tasks for the coming week. These should be tasks that will help your business move forward.
  • Then schedule jam sessions into your calendar.
  • Before each jam session start to time it with a stopwatch (not your phone!)
  • Tell your secretary or other colleagues that you cannot be interrupted for the next 60 -90 minutes.
  • During your allocated session, make sure your phone is turned off and out of reach. Keep only the essentials near you: water and your computer.
  • Don’t check your emails, don’t get up for coffee, and don’t check Facebook or any other social media sites.
  • Add your jam sessions to your Calendar so you get an alert message when it’s time to start the next one.

Why Do Jam Sessions work?

The time-sensitive nature of jam sessions can be a powerful motivator. A countdown timer can help with this. Each time you glance at the minutes ticking by, you’ll be encouraged to stay on track.

If you prioritise your to-do list, you’ll naturally focus on the most important tasks that drive you closer to your goals. Even if you have 20 items in your to-do list, you’ll find yourself narrowing the tasks down to the top one to three “must-do” tasks. These are the tasks you’ll take care of during a jam session, or you may use a jam session to work on just one task.

Starting your day on the right foot – with the right actions – is vital for work productivity.  When you really get down to it, there may be only one thing that absolutely must be completed in order to move the business forward. That one thing is significantly more important than the rest.

So, start jamming!

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