COVID-19 Winners & Losers

The global Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and business.  Some changes will be short lived, while others will outlast the pandemic itself.  From a business perspective there are Covid-19 winners and losers.

The Losers

Whilst in lock down the losers are easy to spot – restaurants, cafes, pubs, gyms, petrol stations, physical retail stores, tourism operators, hotels and motels, personal grooming services, childcare providers, physios and chiropractors to name a few.

Others that have been impacted include:

  • International / inbound tourism operators – airlines (obviously), experiences, car hire, motor home hire etc
  • Those associated with events, conferences, weddings, and sporting events (rugby and the Americas Cup are obvious losers), including venues, caterers, organisers and so on
  • Landlords – especially commercial and retail landlords, as businesses downsize / work remotely / move to an online business model
  • Industries reliant on migrant workers, such as seasonal fruit producers and au pair agencies
  • Businesses reliant on international students such as educational institutions and accommodation providers
  • Businesses reliant on any of the above as customers, international air freight for supply, and/or discretionary spending.

The Winners

On the other side of the coin there are Covid winners such as PPE gear providers and specialist cleaners, grocery chains and supermarkets.

Other winners include:

  • All things IT – equipment and support providers, website designers, digital marketers, internet providers, cyber security specialists and so on
  • SAAS – think Zoom, Microsoft Teams, cloud data storage etc
  • Exercise equipment such as home gym equipment, bicycles, and electric bikes
  • Athleisure clothing (Nike, Lululemon, Lorna Jane etc)
  • On-line retail enabled businesses (Amazon et al)
  • Garden suppliers and support industries
  • Craft suppliers and support industries
  • Pets – pet insurance, accessories, grooming, and adoption services are all booming
  • Cosmetics (as a result of maskne)
  • Online entertainment – gaming and Netflix are big winners here.

Business will not revert to the old normal

There are always winners and losers when there is a historic shift such as we are experiencing now. The post Covid-19 world will be very different to what we knew before.  Understanding how these changes will affect our own businesses is vital.


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