COVID-19 Resurgence Wage Subsidy

This week the NZ Government introduced a 2-week wage subsidy due to the resurgence of COVID-19.

This new subsidy is available nationally for employers, including self-employed people, who have been affected or predicted to be affected by the resurgence. You can apply for this if you meet the criteria and are not also receiving the Wage Subsidy or Wage Subsidy Extension for the same employee for the same period.

Applications are open from 1pm on the 21 August 2020 to 11.59pm on 3 September 2020.

Subsidy Criteria

Businesses should have had or expect to have at least a 40% revenue drop due to resurgence, for a consecutive 14-day period between 12 August to 10 September 2020 compared to a similar period in 2019.

Businesses cannot receive more than one COVID-19 payment for the same employees at the same time.

Businesses can apply for the resurgence wage subsidy if they meet the criteria, even if they have not applied for a wage subsidy previously.

Payment Rates & Processing Times

The subsidy is for 2-weeks from the day your application is submitted, and will be paid at a flat rate of:

  • $585.80 for people working 20 hours or more per week (full-time rate)
  • $350.00 for people working less than 20 hours per week (part-time rate).

WINZ aim to pay the Resurgence Wage Subsidy within 5 working days of receiving each application. They will check the information provided against what’s held by Inland Revenue and if it is different  there could be a processing delay.

Contact Q2 if you are unsure if you qualify or are unsure how to apply.


The mortgage deferral scheme is also being extended from its current end-date of 27 September, to 31 March 2021.



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