Welcome to COVID-19 Level 2

We’ve moved to COVID-19 level 2 today.  The past 49 days of lock down have been an unprecedented experience for all of us.  What you have learnt about yourself, your spouse, your family, your team, and your customers over the past 7 weeks?

Ann’s personal lessons from 7 weeks of lock down (in no particular order):

  • I enjoy working from home, avoiding motorway commuting gridlock is a bonus
  • If you are disciplined at work, then you will be disciplined working from home
  • People generally seemed friendlier and more relaxed during lock down
  • Time is still in short supply – there is never enough, so prioritise
  • The deadly potential of Covid-19 to mutate and evolve should not be underestimated
  • I miss riding my motor bike
  • I miss seeing our adult kids
  • I miss fresh fish for dinner
  • The air is clearer (I haven’t filled up my car for months)
  • Everyone reacts differently to a crisis
  • The dog didn’t understand lock down
  • Two metres is a subjective measurement
  • Queuing and physical distancing quickly becomes normal
  • Click and collect is not the same as sitting at a café
  • Webinars allow convenient sharing of information
  • When signing up for Audible choose the correct market place
  • Netflix should come with a “time wasting” warning
  • The government stuffs up when legislating at haste
  • The global lock down created a worldwide common enemy for the first time in history
  • In every crisis lies opportunity
  • We are more resilient and innovative than we imagined
  • Strong leadership is always important
  • Change accelerates during crisis
  • Virtual meetings will become standard
  • Economically the worst is probably still to come.

Reflection is important for personal development.  What have you learnt during lock down?  Consider personal skills development needs, recognition of strengths and weaknesses (yours and others), clarity about what’s important to you and what’s not?

Our opportunity is to utilise that clarity as we move forward.

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