Time for a break?

Times are stressful.  We’ve never been through an uncertain time like this before.

Business is tough for many, and crazy busy for the others.

Overseas holidays, weddings, birthdays, and important celebrations have been postponed or cancelled.

We can’t water the garden, nor hose down the car.

Last Friday I missed a meeting because the Auckland harbour bridge was broken, and it took 90 minutes to drive 14 KM!

Unanticipated lock downs make planning difficult – Penrose Business Association has rescheduled the same event for the fourth time.

Uncertainty is the new normal, and it’s stressful.

A couple of weekends ago I got out of Auckland for the first time since February.  The spring weather was gorgeous (climate change?) and even although I couldn’t hit the ski field as hoped (due to Covid restrictions you had to “book” to access the mountain) it was refreshing to get away from the big little (sick) city.  The weekend away was a welcome interruption to acquired personal coping routines.

We live in a strange and unprecedented situation:

  • No overseas travel any time soon
  • Juggling home schooling and work commitments
  • Most of us have not had a holiday this year
  • Auckland has extended water restrictions
  • Working from home, physical distancing and masks are “normal”
  • Interest rates are moving into negative territory
  • NZ house prices continue to grow
  • Many people’s jobs and businesses are at risk
  • Lack lustre NZ politics, so we’ll probably vote for the party we dislike the least
  • Donald Trump could be re-elected!

So, what is the point of this blog?

  • It’s normal to be feel stressed in uncertain times
  • It’s important to get out into the fresh spring air – and just breath
  • Take a break – perhaps make plans for Labour weekend?
  • Don’t cancel celebrations until you have to
  • Hope for the best, and be flexible
  • Don’t take things too seriously – the sun still rises and sets each day.

“The problem with having problems is that ‘someone’ always has it worse.”

 Tiffany Madison

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