The Power of Video Marketing

I recently attended a presentation on video marketing, and how to make effective business videos using your smart phone.

Michelle Sokolich of Show & Tell commented that in 2020 digital media (Social Media and You Tube etc) will overtake traditional media (such as TV and radio) by number of people accessing it.

Everyone loves a good story, and a picture is worth a thousand words.  Combining a good story with video allows businesses to grow without a large marketing budget.  The potential of digital media is enormous.

People do business with those they like and trust.  Video savvy businesses can share their personality and points of difference quickly and inexpensively with existing and prospective customers.

As Michelle says “sharing your story through video has the power to move your customers, to create an honest connection so they feel like they know you before they walk through the door.”

Michelle explained you can use video for sharing your story, special promotions, explaining your solutions to customer problems, FAQs, interviews, job advertisements, sales processes (such as a welcome message), testimonials, behind the scenes videos and much more.

Historically creating a video was expensive, requiring a personal videographer and support crew.  And for those of us uncomfortable in front of a camera it was also an awkward experience.   But most of us can talk for 90 seconds to our smartphone in the privacy of our home or office to create a video.

As Joe Pulizzi in “Why Content Marketing Needs More Video” says:

“The sheer cost of video production has come down to a point where there are no barriers to entry. Buyers have devices that can play videos with them at all times… [and] are engaging in 100% more information year-over-year before they make a buying decision.”

I was certainly inspired to give smartphone video a go… so watch this space.

Maybe in 2021 my weekly Huddles will be via video!

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