Q2 Team News Update 2017


Is back from a relaxing holiday in Hawaii (we’re not jealous!). She also has a new addition to her household – a black miniature schnauzer named Coco. Since toilet training is not going so well it could be a while before Coco is allowed to come to the office!


Successfully passed his final Capsule CA exam in May and will be applying for full membership of CAANZ in the near future. To make the commute to work a little more interesting each day Michael purchased a sports bike earlier in the year and he will be going for  his restricted licence shortly – if you’re commuting watch out for Michael on his sports bike zipping past!


Has been busy this year and has successfully completed degree papers Management Accounting, Commercial Law, Advanced Management Accounting and Organisational Behaviour – all while working full time and looking after her family! She is now embarking on Accounting Information Systems, Taxation, Corporate Law and Business Finance papers. Thankfully, the end is in sight and by late next year she should be finished her Accounting degree (fingers crossed).


Is currently completing his professional requirements for membership of CAANZ. He recently completed his professional paper on Tax and is now embarking on Financial Reporting. His social football team have also had some success this year winning most of their games.


Is looking forward to her first holiday to Bali in September to celebrate her 25th quarter century! She’ll also be working on her tan – we wonder if she’ll be taking her yoga mat with her so some yoga on the beach?


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