It’s 2022 and Time To Plan

We’re six weeks into 2022 and much has happened since my last blog in December 2021.

  • I had a beautiful extended summer break in Turangi, with stunning weather
  • My husband and I sold our Grey Lynn home and moved to Mt Wellington, requiring much packing and unpacking, as well as a pile of legal documents involving our two trusts
  • Hubby became unwell, spending time in hospital (he signed legal documents in hospital with a lawyer in attendance!!)
  • We upgraded our Mt Wellington home before moving in, so were “homeless” for a month
  • Our fibre cable broke and Chorus took a couple of attempts to fix it
  • Omicron came, as we knew it inevitably would
  • Zoi Sadowski-Synnott has done NZ proud at the winter Olympics – awesome boarding, go girl!

After six weeks of disorientation my eyes are firmly fixed forward once again.  My learnings:
Firstly, when there is too much to handle just do what you can, and wait for the turbulence to settle.
Secondly, get Power of Attorney’s in place! We had to change our internet provider as the account was in my husband’s name, he was in hospital,  and I was not “authorised” to move it to the new address. The internet provider wasn’t a big issue, but not being able to settle the house purchase would have been!
Thirdly, maintain personal and business routines.  Early rising and running helped when everything else was challenging.
Fourthly, be grateful for your support network.  Our adult kids, friends, and new neighbours have been awesome.
Finally, update your business and life plan.

Time to Reflect and Review
Two years of Covid has impacted our businesses and our lives.  Have your goals evolved, or perhaps changed completely? Take time to reflect and review what you want, and why. Regularly updating your goals, your vision, and thinking about what you want is important.

An acquaintance I socialised with at Christmas had a stroke last weekend. Her business and life will have changed completely as a result. Life changes – what we wanted last year may no longer be relevant.

Updating your Plan
Is your business and financial plan in writing and up to date?  Is it still relevant?  What needs to change?

Contact if you don’t have a written plan for your business or to create financial freedom.

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