Customer Service – a competitive (dis)advantage?

Do you agree that customer service is dropping to an all-time low since COVID-19?  Some recent examples include:


A simple investment restructure moving secured debt from one company to another – no response after three weeks from the bank concerned, who shall remain nameless.

The broker explained the delay saying “the bank is getting 200 new applications a day plus loan maintenance requests”.  So?


There’s currently little point phoning IRD.  All requests should be made through their MyIR portal.

However, MyIR is difficult for some taxpayers to use and not all taxpayers are computer savvy or have an accountant to help sort things out.  Not so customer friendly after all.

Air NZ

Air NZ’s decision to offer flight credits instead of refunds may be commercially justified.  But when customers cannot contact Air NZ to sort it out, then it’s an expensive public relations disaster.  Air NZ has lost credibility and goodwill as a result.


Recently a client told me not to email as she has “over 700 uncleared emails, so if you want my attention phone instead”.

Email overload is a painful reality for many.  If it’s a problem for you too, read “The Email Warrior” by Ann Gomez, it has some useful and easy to implement strategies.

Requests for Quotes

We have all had the experience of requesting a quote from a service provider, and then waiting and waiting and waiting…

Make prompt customer service your competitive advantage

We are all busy, running lean businesses, and time poor.  But poor customer service is costly.  If we spent our marketing dollars on improving customer service we would likely get a much higher ROI (Return on Investment).

At a time when many businesses are struggling to survive, focussing on excellent customer service to retain existing customers, and attract new ones, seems to be a no brainer.

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