Beating Post-Holiday Blues

Most of us are now back at work, and possibly encountering post-holiday blues!

If highly engaged business owners experience post-holiday blues after several weeks of summer holidays, they can be even harder for your team!  But according to Wikipedia post-holiday blues usually wear off in a few days, or in extreme cases a few weeks.

Checking your bank balance (after holiday pay, GST and tax payments etc) and MTD January invoicing should incentivise business owners to stop dithering and launch new initiatives and business strategies.

Apparently, your brain creates post-holiday blues, sometimes fuelled by more alcohol and junk food than normal over the holiday period.  Reinstating pre-holiday routines of regular bedtimes, quality sleep, exercise and a healthy diet helps us snap back into productive mode.  Scheduling social activities can create pleasures to look forward to.

Team engagement can be enhanced by sharing your business plan with your team:

  • What – Vision, mission, goal(s)
  • How – Strategy & tactics
  • Who – Each team member’s role
  • KPIs – To measure progress
  • Targets – Desired outcomes and results

Clarity of direction for the quarter ahead helps us feel more engaged and focussed on key business tasks and activities.

As a business owner or manager, you could also encourage team members set personal goals for the quarter / year ahead.  Everyone likes to feel that they are making progress and clear written goals help beat post-holiday blues.

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