2020 Through the Looking Glass

2020 started so promisingly – it rolled off the tongue, the start to a squeaky-clean decade in which we could achieve mighty things.  And the year ends soon with a collective sigh of relief.

Relief that the “year of Covid” is over, that our businesses survived, that we survived.

The global pandemic brought change and upheaval.  Pres. Trump’s denial of it lost him the US presidency.  Jacinda Arden’s embracing it helped Labour win the NZ election. Global lock downs changed the way we work, interact, and shop. Overseas travel became a tantalising memory, gardening and home renovations are on the menu instead. Masks and elbow bumps are accepted. Covid has affected our economy, our incomes, and what we view as important.

It has also changed the way NZ is perceived globally –being an island (or three) at the bottom of the world is now a great (Covid-free) place to be!

Our thinking about work has evolved.

Business premises are no longer essential for success as we embrace remote working and flexi time.  Working from home has lost its “loser” stigma.

Business dress has relaxed even further… power suits, ties and high heels are so very last century.  NZ members of parliament are debating whether ties are still necessary for effective governance!

The 40-hour, 5-day work week is no longer standard.

And yet much remains the same…. the importance of integrity, our love for our families and friends, our drive to be the best we can be, our commitment to making the world a better place.

As we head into Christmas and the traditional kiwi closedown there is much to ponder and be grateful for.  It is almost time to relax and enjoy living in one of the best countries on the planet (just saying).

And determine how we are going to achieve mighty things next year.

Merry Christmas everyone – Huddle’s will be back on 20/01/2021!

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