Quick Start for Business Success

Getting started in business can be daunting – there much to organise, and mistakes to avoid!   If you are relatively new to business then this 2 hour interactive workshop is definitely for you.  Limited to just 10 participants, so contact us now!

The Quick Start for Business Success workshop covers:

You need more than a good idea!

Goods ideas are a dime a dozen.  Find out what else you need to make your business fly.

Registering your business correctly

There is more to it than deciding on a name, printing cool business cards, opening a bank account and getting an IRD number.  Attend to find out what else you need to consider.

Setting up your systems

Spreadsheets or DIY Xero?  They are (maybe?) a start, but good systems go well beyond…

Understanding business taxes

You need to plan for tax from day one.  Many new businesses get caught out with two years of tax to pay…  and no money.  Make sure that is not you!

Identifying & reducing risks

Business involves risk – contracts to negotiate, legislation to comply with, the unexpected to plan for.  Knowing the risks helps you minimise the downside, stay out of jail, and sleep at night.


Ask during the workshop, ‘cos we usually have pretty damn good answers…


Registration for Q2 clients is $125 + GST and $250 + GST for non Q2 clients.
It could actually be FREE if you attend and then become a Q2 client, or if already a Q2 client you invest in additional services (we’ll credit the workshop fee when you sign up for new services).


The first Quick Start for Business Success workshop will be on Wednesday 14 April 2021 from 4-6pm, to be followed by nibbles and refreshments.

It will be informative and fun so register now!

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