Map Your Company’s Direction with a One-Page Business Plan

No matter the size of your business, a strategic business plan is essential for maintaining your focus on what’s important and achieving your business goals.

What is a One-Page Business Plan?
A one-page business plan is one document that no business owner should be without. It’s a succinct “road map” that represents what your business is about and the direction you want to take. It includes your core values, your goals, and your strategy for achieving those goals.

Your One Page plan will summarise what you need to do to keep moving forward. It will also help ensure all key decision-makers are clear about your strategic objectives and how to achieve them.

That’s why Q2’s One-Page Business Plan workshop is the ultimate strategic planning session for business owners!

How Our Workshop Will Help You
This intensive business planning session will help you create a punchy, action-based plan with timelines and champions.

During the workshop, an experienced business advisor will help you prioritize your most important objectives to a single page. They will lead you through identifying your business purpose and vision, and the outcomes you want to achieve. The result is a powerful plan that will become a tool for maintaining both your short and medium-term focus.

Elements Of A One-Page Business Plan

  1. Purpose and Vision
  2. Values
  3. Key Performance Indicators
  4. High level budget and sales goals
  5. Target Market
  6. Value proposition
  7. Opportunities
  8. Vulnerabilities
  9. Most Critical Challenge
  10. Annual Goals
  11. 90 day Action Plan

What Will You Get?
Q2’s One-Page Business Plan workshop will help you to create a plan specific to your unique goals and values. The Q2 team will then work with you to execute the plan successfully.

A strategic plan helps you to make good decisions and keep you on track to achieve long-term goals. It ensures that you’re operating in alignment with your company’s purpose, vision and values.

Your One Page plan can be shared with your team and updated every 90 days. This motivates you to stay on track and improve your business results.

When Will It Happen?
This 4-hour session will be scheduled for a time that suits you at the Q2 HQ situated at 2A Pacific Rise, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

Q2 “One Page” business planning workshops are registered on the Regional Business Partner Network and eligible businesses may qualify for a voucher of up to 50% of the course cost.

Find out more about Q2’s One Page Business Planning workshop by clicking here!

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