Q2 Financial Intelligence (FQ) Coaching

Running a business without understanding your numbers is like driving a car without a steering wheel. There’s a direct correlation between financial literacy and business success.

What Is Financial Intelligence?

Understanding your finances is essential to understanding the ‘health’ of your business. Your level of financial literacy not only affects your numbers, but the speed and success of your growth plans and your relationship with financial lenders.

As a small business owner, your ability to calculate price points and project revenues is greatly helped when you can make sense of your budget, accounting and taxes. This will in turn affect your cash flow, budget projections, profit and loss.

But sometimes, financial reports can seem like they’re written in a foreign language.

How Our Workshop Will Help You
Q2 Financial Intelligence (FQ) Coaching is a face-to-face programme to help you understand the financial drivers in your business: how you make money, how you spend it and how you can invest it to improve your overall financial position.

Over 3 half-day coaching sessions, you will:

  • Learn key accounting concepts, financial KPIs and the drivers of your profitability and cashflow
  • Learn how to read your financial results and calculate your cash conversion cycle
  • Improve reporting accuracy
  • Use clearer and more useful report formats to aid decision making
  • Make informed decisions by understanding the financial implications
  • Manage and monitor cashflow effectively, including debtors and creditors
  • Better understand other information you need to capture monthly
  • Save time on admin tasks that can be automated or delegated.

What You Will Get
By the completion of the programme, you’ll be able to produce and interpret your own customised financial reports each month. You’ll learn how to read your financial results and accurately calculate your cash conversion cycle. You’ll also learn how to better manage your cash flow and to use clearer formats to capture your financial information.

Q2 also help out with any queries you might have by providing ongoing phone and email support between sessions.

When Will It Happen?
Bi-weekly Group Coaching Sessions:  The group coaching sessions have between 2 and 10 participants and are scheduled 2 weeks apart.  Contact Q2 for the next group coaching dates.

Financial Intelligence Coaching for your business only will be scheduled to suit your requirements.  This option is designed for the company directors and possibly the senior management team to attend.

Q2 Financial Intelligence (FQ) Coaching is registered on the Regional Business Partner Network and eligible businesses may qualify for a voucher of up to 50% of the course cost.

Ready to take control of your financial situation? Call Q2 today to find out more about their Q2 Financial Intelligence (FQ) Coaching workshops and start the journey to financial success! 

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