Working towards your ideal lifestyle

It’s February, the sun is shining, school is restarting, and another long weekend beckons… the Kiwi lifestyle at its best!

Here’s an idea from James Clear (author of Atomic Habits):

“Instead of working toward retirement, work toward your ideal lifestyle. There is usually a path to get there in a few years instead of a few decades.”

Accumulating sufficient passive income to retire usually requires decades of working and saving, sacrificing lifestyle for long term retirement goals.

Covid-19 lock downs demonstrated that knowledge workers, who make up more than 80% of the workforce, can work remotely.

Remote work, 4-day work weeks, flexi hours, work / life balance, and living more simply are all global trends that are reshaping the nature of work.

Technology and personal productivity improvements may allow us to accomplish in 3 or 4 days what currently takes 5 days.  Remote working eliminates commute time, can result in greater productivity, and is gentler on the environment. Living more simply requires fewer material possessions and creates less waste.

Early retirement can be overrated and may lead to inadequate retirement income, loss of experienced workers, boredom, social disconnection, early aging, and even death.  On the other hand, working excessive hours leads to personal, relationship and family stress / dysfunction.

Just imagine if you could become more productive, generate income, while simultaneously enhancing your lifestyle by spending more time with family and friends, or enjoying your hobbies and passions!

Antony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within, says:

“In life, you need either inspiration or desperation.” and

“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one.”

An empowering question to ask ourselves is “how can I work towards my ideal lifestyle”?

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