Work to live, don’t live to work

Covid has made 2020 a particularly long year!  And in the final quarter of the calendar year our energy and natural buoyancy usually wane.  We start to feel in real need of a long summer holiday break.

A friend of mine introduced me to the “Be Good to Yourself” concept, courtesy of Dr Fred Grosse who believes we can live rich and magnificent lives.

To live a rich and magnificent life we must know what we want and what makes us happy.  Dr Fred calls this “partnering and rewarding your soul”.

Dr Fred has this to say:

Depending on the degree of joy that different positive experiences bring me, I rank rewards for my soul as 10s, 25s, 50s and 100s. The 10s are the simple joys you can make happen every day- like a good cup of coffee with a friend. The 25s might occur once a month – maybe dinner with a beloved at a first class restaurant or the purchase of a beautiful outfit. More special events – things that you do perhaps two or three times in a year – are the 50s, such as a weekend in a gorgeous villa in Bali. The 100s are the big rewards – the celebration that is extra special, mind-blowing and, ideally, tax-deductible! – like a week in Paris, for example, and invite your colleagues and friends to research an investment.

Most of us put a high value and importance on both money and time. As well as the monetary-type rewards suggested above, ‘buying time’ can be a great reward too. Working fewer days each month or having an afternoon each week to spend with a child or grandchild can be very fulfilling and worth working toward.

As 2020 grinds on and productivity drops, building regular treats and pleasures into our routines can provide the boost we need to refresh ourselves so we can push hard right until the final whistle.

Dr Fred believes that rewarding your soul is the key to making more money in less time, through improved productivity.

Feeling refreshed and having treats to look forward to helps us work more effectively, focusing on getting more done in less time.

Mental health is topical right now.  You can look after yours, and improve productivity, by partnering with your soul.

You can read Dr Fred’s blog here.

Do you recharge yourself as much as you recharge your phone?

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