Maintaining Balance

Life is perfectly balanced and cyclic:

  • night follows day
  • summer, autumn, winter, spring
  • sowing, growing, reaping, sowing
  • intense periods followed by rest periods.

A life well lived involves balancing the “mighty eight” – physical, financial, business, lifestyle, mental, spiritual, family and relationships.  We feel stress if we try to do too much, or if we neglect some of “mighty eight”.

Business owners constantly juggle many hats – strategic, operational, financial, HR, sales and marketing etc.  We walk the tightrope between working “in” and working “on”.  We must balance business and personal responsibilities.

If you feel stressed or time poor then planning and setting boundaries can help.  Prioritise what is important to you and let the rest float away.  Schedule the important (to you) tasks in your calendar (recurring entries are great) so all the “mighty eight” get some time each week.

Prioritise the important “must do’s”.  Trash your unimportant “could do’s”.   By saying “no” to unimportant time wasters you will feel lighter.

Your business plan identifies the most important goals as well as the tasks necessary to achieve them.  Allocate time to those tasks each week.  Don’t have a business plan?  Then contact Q2.

Here’s my challenge to you – open your calendar for this week.  Have all of the “mighty eight” been allocated time?  How’s your balance?

“The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities”.

Stephen Covey

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