Eight Weeks and Counting…

 Aucklanders have now endured eight weeks of restrictive lock downs, with no end yet in sight.

Some of us can work remotely and are suffering less direct financial impact compared to retailers, hospitality and grooming businesses, and others severely impacted by Covid.  We will all be financially impacted by Covid-19 in the medium to long term as businesses fail, the economy takes a hit, and Government debt repaid.

There are also many non-financial Covid-19 ramifications…

Parents with school age children

Parents with school age children are juggling home schooling / school holidays whilst also working their “day jobs”.  Not only are parents trying to keep their kids safe from Delta, they also worry about their children’s mental, social, and academic status.

Some young adults are prematurely leaving school to help their families financially during these tough times, potentially robbing or delaying their future careers.

Parents have different abilities and resources to support their children through these difficult times.  It is a stressful time for families, which puts pressure on relationships.

People who are immune suppressed

My husband had a kidney transplant 15+ years ago and is immune suppressed.  Although he is double vaccinated his body has no Covid-19 antibodies, so he is extremely vulnerable to Delta.

NZ’s public health system has invested heavily to keep immune suppressed people alive. A relatively inexpensive third Pfizer jab, which may allow more of them to create much needed antibodies, has not been approved by the Government.  The Government is, once again, too slow to act – and people may die as a result.

Bleating from the side lines

Armchair critics not in the hot seat find it easy to criticise, while politicians and business owners must make tough and unpopular calls without the clarity of a crystal ball.

The Government could be doing better.  For example, adoption of saliva testing, more proactive vaccine ordering and roll out (including booster shots), tighter border restriction execution, more proactive and creative MIQ planning, fast processing of visa applications to retain needed skills in NZ, better contact tracing technology, legislating mandatory vaccination, and empowering employers / businesses to legally exclude unvaccinated employees/ customers.

So, what can we do personally?

#1 – get double jabbed asap

#2 – stop Delta by sticking to the Covid-19 rules

#3 – get accurate information from reliable sources

#4 – stay productive, healthy, and resilient.


“Ask not what your country can do for you – 

ask what you can do for your country.”

John F Kennedy

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