7 Ways to Streamline Xero and its Invoice Reminders – By Tania Ehrensperger

Many of our clients use Xero and over the past few years we have noticed significant improvements to the way they do business and how we interact with them. With real-time data available, Xero allows our clients to make better and more informed decisions. We can then be more involved, proactive and future focused.

If you are using Xero here are a few tips to getting more out of your Xero subscription:

Bank Rules and Cash Coding

Use bank rules and cash coding functionality to streamline reconciliations, especially handy for large volumes of similar transactions recurring often. The bank rule function memorises coding while cash coding allows coding of multiple transaction lines quickly in an excel spreadsheet-style format.

Invoices and Statements via Email

Seamlessly send invoices and statements to clients via email or via Xero to Xero connection. Using Xero to Xero automatically creates a draft bill in the recipient’s organisation allowing them to approve and process invoices faster and more efficiently. Sending statements are also a breeze with bulk emailing.

Overdue Invoice Reminders

Setting automatic overdue Xero invoice reminders saves time and improves cashflow. You can set up and forget and Xero will send a short reminder that the bill is still outstanding along with a link to the invoice itself. This can dramatically save the time spent chasing up late payers. Reminders can be turned off for specific customers if you wish.


Tracking of divisions, locations or properties is useful when you want segmented and detailed performance reporting by category. Simply enter the category on invoice creation or when reconciling transactions.


Payroll has been available for several years now and provides an employee portal for real time online access to salary, leave and holiday information. The portal handles leave requests which are approved or declined within the portal by the employee’s manager. Xero Payroll automatically journals wage/salary payments for accounting purposes and exports payment batches and information direct to your bank and IRD.

Filing GST Returns

A new feature is filing GST returns directly with IRD which saves time and increases accuracy. This ensures Xero and IRD have the same information eliminating unnecessary reconciliation.

Payment Services

Payment services allow clients and customers to pay electronically via DPS, Paypal, eWAY etc. via a link between Xero for invoice reminders and the payment services provider. Payment services provide more convenience and payment options for customers, which improves business cashflow.

Q2 Xero Training and Tips ‘n Tricks Workshops

If you are using Xero and want to improve efficiency and save time then contact Q2 for some one on one Xero training. Q2 is also hosting a free Xero tips ‘n tricks workshop to learn how you can use Xero faster and smarter. Click HERE to register.

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