"Working on business culture is an extraordinarily powerful Q2 activity, helping engage your people, and transform them into motivated, high performance teams." - Q2 Accountants

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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” (Peter Drucker)


Clearly articulating and defining the shared values of your business will empower your team, creating a competitive edge (great for lead generation, retention and recruitment). Shared values align behaviours and provide a common language for daily dialogue.

Living the company’s shared values will transform you as a leader, empower your team, result in delighted customers, and provide a mechanism for effective communication.


The Q2 team’s shared values are:

• Collaboration- being better than the sum of the parts
• Innovation – creative thinking
• Initiative – being proactive
• Excellence – being our best selves every day.

Can your team articulate the shared values of your business? If not, let’s have a chat.


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